Our Program Areas


Farm Based Education

For adults and youth alike, there's nothing like growing, harvesting, preparing, and eating homegrown veggies.  We all eat, and so it's important we understand where our food comes from and how it grows.  By engaging participants in all aspects of a working farm, our programs cultivate a connection between people and the land that provides for them.

When campers from the Stephentown Youth Program came to the farm this summer, they had some things to say about                our farm to table cooking workshop:

"I don't like vegetables, but I like this."- Chase                        (after trying the Veggie Sauté he helped make).                        "This is the best thing with vegetables I've ever had!" - Jordan "This is my first time cooking anything."  - Cash.                        

Skills for Self Sufficiency

Deepening your sustainability ethic and living more in alignment with natural systems often requires new skill sets.  Our educational workshops "meet you where you're at" on your personal journey toward earth based living.  Whether you are interested in primitive wilderness skills, preserving your garden's abundance, foraging for wild edibles, or learning about solar energy, our programs help people discover their own path to living more sustainably.


Nature Appreciation & Interpretation

We all know there are natural wonders underfoot and overhead that we pass by every time we take a foray through field or forest. Some we may take note of, others remain unnoticed by our senses. Part of Wyomanock Center's mission is to cultivate a greater appreciation for the natural landscape so that we can all become better stewards of the earth.